Monday, July 07, 2008

Blue Monday

those i'm friend-sick for

People warned me it would catch me unawares. And just like that, it did.

I've had a bad day at the hospital today. I can't go on a comfort shopping spree because there's nowhere open after five. I can't watch a movie because I don't have a car and it's not a great idea to commute at night. I can't even drown myself in ice cream because I missed the last open grocery - which closes at six.

But most of all, it's hit me that there is no one here I can just ask over to whine to... to have some retail therapy with (besides, the shops are all closed!) or have a soothing coffee with or get wasted with. No one to gripe with about the unfairness of life over lunch or dinner. No one to make unsubstantiated and totally unlikely scenarios of vindication with.

I've been in constant communication with my parents - and that had helped a lot - but there are many things about my job that my non-doctor parents will never understand, and bad days at work are among them. Besides, I'd never try to get wasted with my Mom - got to keep up appearances, after all.

My other workmates try to be supportive, but it's early days yet. Nowhere near "Let's-get-drunk-so-all-this-can-go-away" or the "let's-shop-and-comfort-ourselves-with-the-joys-of-materialism" just yet.

I miss my batchmates. And just like that, I suddenly miss home.


evilwoobie said...

ate (not so accurate as bevs is your batchmate and she was also my classmate in Bio, so ka-age kita. heh)! Hang in there! Remember what they say, 'this too shall come to pass'... be like a robot for now, and soon, when you have the freedom to do so, you can be human again.

And for sure, the sacrifice is worth it. :D

Manggy said...

No shops open after five?!? What barbaric land is this?! Lol. Sometimes I wonder what makes us all such shoppers that we are one of few countries with malls open from 10 to 10. Since I don't get wasted, I'm inclined to lament the mall closure more.
There will be better days, I promise. Meanwhile there's plenty of new friends to be had-- fight off the loneliness for a little while.

Panaderos said...

Hang in there, my friend. What you're going through is part of the adjustment process. You're dealing with a new culture, both at work and outside of work.

If there's one advice I can give you it is to be polite and yet be assertive. Be confident in what you know and use it to your advantage. It takes time but sooner or later, they will know the type of worker you are. Hang in there. LABAN!!

dr_clairebear said...

@woobie: hard to be a robot when am all to human. :P but hanging in there!

@manggy: i know! to their credit, perthites are trying to change the rules, but the labor is too expensive. sundays and after hours are time and half to them kasi. hay!

@panaderos: i know it's part of the growing pains, so i'm not getting ready to pack my bags... yet. :P