Friday, August 14, 2009

Studying Out

I have recently discovered the joy of literally studying out.

I have the really bad habit of needing to be outside the house to be able to get some decent studying done. Which sounds like a paradox to people who need quiet and isolation to focus, but makes perfect sense to my kindred souls who need stimulation apart from our reading material to keep us awake. That and absolutely no access to the temptation of our beds. I learned to devour academic data in coffee shops through med school and residency, and Starbucks has my undying gratitude for helping me pass two major medical boards.

Unfortunately, there is no Starbucks in Perth - and no coffee shop that would be sympathetic and allow anyone to park at a table all day and night after ordering just 2 cups of coffee. Sure, we have libraries, but even quiet libraries can sometimes trigger a really bad case of claustrophobia.

Fortunately, a picnic blanket spread upon the lawn of any of Perth's beautiful parks is almost just as good, if not better.

I'm not going to lie, studying somewhere surrounded by beauty and activity can be quite distracting. But once you've gotten into the swing of things, it's just like being in a coffee shop - only you're sprawled on a picnic blanket instead of hogging a table.

The downside to this is that this study position is conducive to unscheduled naps - and the propensity towards sunburn. The upside is that it's free... and you can even bring your own coffee. And people-watching serves as a great sanity break.

I really can't wait for Spring.


Abaniko said...

Beautiful spot. But don't you find reading text under the glare of the sun difficult?

Manggy said...

I find it's just as easy to fall asleep on a nice picnic blanket, though. Ha ha ha :)
I am one of those rare in-bed students. Dangerous cos I don't even drink coffee!

Walking on Water said...

who are you kidding claire? you're studying someone else, i'm sure. hmmm, how about studying the scenery, huh?=) hope you find someone fancy enough to catch your eye, and your heart. hehe

Bone MD said...

and did you notice its getting harder to study when we grow older?hahah


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Frequent Flyer said...

I have done this for years but have never called it studying out. I love to find a shady spot on the beach to study. I can get so much work done outdoors!