Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I woke up late on December 17, and for the first time I had nowhere to go.

No need to scramble out of bed, cursing the fact that it was past 5 in the morning and I had to traverse a good portion of the Greater Manila Area to get to the hospital by 7. No frantic text message to be sent informing the co-resident I have to relieve that I just woke up and will be coming from my house in Rizal.

After the first 30 seconds of panic and the next 30 of dawning comprehension, I went swiftly back to Dreamland...

...And didn't wake up until past 10. For me, that is most definitely late.

You'd think it would be difficult for someone who's had her life full of hospital work to adjust to being an idle bum, but apparently, I have the talent for sloth.

This is not to say that I have no urgent things to do with my now-free time... of course I do. There are is a research paper begging to be re-written, two huge volumes of Harrison's begging to be read, documents required for certain applications to be picked up, all the bags of stuff I brought home from the call room cluttering up my room and begging to be sorted... you get the picture. Nevertheless, this sudden gift of idleness that fate has dumped into my lap is just too heavy to shrug off.

Going on Day 3 of my sloth-fest, ennui has yet to set in.

I know I have to get moving, really I do. At the very least get out of bed for other reasons than to take a bathroom break, shower, and eat. I've spent the past 72 hours lazing around and catching up on my on-line correspondence, web surfing on my computer, reading trashy novels, and generally doing completely futile, non-productive, self-indulgent things.

Life has suddenly ground to a halt for me, and I find that it's a lot more difficult to get moving again than I thought it would be.

I've resolved to get out of the house today to take care of my Christmas shopping, see my Dentist, maybe get started on studying at some Starbucks cafe. It's almost 11 in the morning - and I'm still here.

Now I know why they call it the LAW of inertia.


Manggy said...

Do what I do: use the New Year as an excuse :) Well, those gifts aren't going to buy themselves and dinner isn't going to cook itself!

C5 said...

A little indulgence will do you good especially if you've worn yourself out...whatever you do, be ready to suffer or enjoy the result and don't cry over spilled milk. :)


dr_clairebear said...

*sigh* it would be nice to be lazy, if only there wasn't so much guilt involved! but i DID get myself to the dentist this afternoon. :)

Marjie said...

a well written peice m'dear. it makes it all the more interesting to read about the same old everyday life than to go diary I sometimes do.

keep it up. and do give me a visit when you get a chance. glad to see a fellow filipino blogger every now and then =)