Monday, December 22, 2008


I'll be working through Christmas once more in order to distract myself from the fact that I am going to be seriously alone for the holidays for the first time in my life.

Despite this and the notched down level of Christmas spirit over here (as compared to the rabid, frenetic holiday madness that descends upon Manila as early as September), I look back on the year that was and find that, in this season of gifts, I've been given so many gifts to be thankful for.

So instead of coming with a wish list of what I want for Christmas, I'm making a top ten list of what I've been most grateful for over the past year (both material and otherwise) as a way of saying thanks to the great, loving Someone who has never stopped looking out for me.

1. my current job - which was less a job than an amazing opportunity to jump off the edge of my safety zone and give me all this room to grow.

2. a supportive family - who, despite not quite agreeing with my plans (or lack thereof), were all-out in helping me get to where I am once they knew I'd pretty much made up my mind about things.

3. cheap airline tickets and cheap baggage fares coming over!

4. finding the perfect place to live so close to work, with an awesome landlady and some pretty interesting housemates.

5. real friends among my new co-workers.

6. real friends born from friends of friends, who warmly welcomed me into their circle and have adopted me as part of their surrogate family.

7. my car - which I bought on a shoestring budget but is absolutely great for what it is, a ten-year-old runabout without power steering.

8. finding myself loving to live in this beautiful, sleepy city on the water.

9. learning to embrace and savor being without a definite plan.

10. learning, for the first time in my life, to love being who I am and where I am at a given moment.

So, what's on your thanksgiving list?

Merry Christmas, everyone!


Manggy said...

If I thought too much about the things I have to be thankful for, I'd reach till after new year. Despite fears and disappointments I really do live a charmed life, so thanks for reminding me. And merry Christmas!! :)

ness said...

A quiet and reflective Christmas to you, Clairebear. Yes, frenetic dito sa Pinas ang Pasko, ganoon tayong mga Pinoy, we often like to be exaj on special occasions. May the reason for the season be truly with you.

Em Dy said...

Merry Christmas Claire. I'm happy you're happy. I remember your posts about the uncertainty and glad that all things are going well. Cheers!

Panaderos said...

Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year to you. Take care always. :)

Btw, my blog address has changed. It's now Thanks. :)

joe positive said...

this is not an answer to the question you asked, but I wanted to let you know that I really admire you and what you've done with your life, and reading your blog makes me happy. Keep going, and good luck to you.

dr_clairebear said...

@manggy: i think it's all a matter of perspective - despite my complaints, i must agree that to a certain extent i've lived a charmed life as well. :) God is good, all the time, as the song says! Merry Christmas!

@ness: to be honest, despite my long history of being scroogette, i actually miss the craziness of Christmas in the Pinas.

@em: i'm still meandering, it's just that i no longer feel so bad about it. as my friend puts is - i've been given welcome into the land of spontaneity. i'm not any more certain about where i'm going now compared to a year ago - has it been a year? - i'm just learning to love and appreciate where i am at the moment... and it's a good place to be. cheers and all the best to you and yours!

@panaderos: many thanks for always being so encouraging! it's heartening to know that so many people are rooting for me, even ones I've never actually met. :) Merry Christmas, my baker friend. And I will be visiting your new bakery soon!

@joe positive: thank you! :) i sometimes wonder if m posts are too personal to actually be relevant to anyone else but me... but hearing this makes me glad I make the effort to continue blogging. As for the running - i'm still going at it in bursts and stops, but i am hoping i will make my 10km goal by April! :) Happy holidays and good runs to you!

Walking on Water said...

Claire, I'm so proud of what you have done with yourself and with your life. If an award for Bravest Soul would have to be given out this year, you'd get it! I'm spending my 3-week bumhood counting my blessings too.=)