Sunday, March 02, 2008

Meme: I Tag...

yummy cheesecake photo by ^-^liz

My Yahoo mail inbox has been telling me that I have 73 unread messages for quite some time now. Having nothing better to do, I decided this morning to sift through my mailbox and start throwing my electronic dead mail away. In the deluge of forward mail, I found some of my favorite kind: the about-you-survey.

I know, I know - it's silly, self-indulgent, and a hiccup of my on-line exhibitionism. But you know what they say about idle minds and devil's playgrounds and all that... I can never resist these things. Besides, this brings back memories of elementary school, when they would make us answer these personality tests at the beginning of the year (for what purpose, I still have no idea).

I'm making this a tag for anyone who wants to participate. But I am tagging, in particular, my blogging friends: Penguin and Pepper, and my regular reads Lis, Linc (though I'm not sure you do tags - hope you make an exception), Marjie, and Ris.

I AM... currently sitting in my clinic waiting for 3:30 so I can get out of here and hit the beach.

I WANT... to be rich enough to travel the world without having to worry about my retirement fund.

I HAVE... no definite long-term plans in life.

I WISH... I could eat anything and everything i want without having to exercise to maintain a passable shape.

I HATE... white nights when I stay up wondering if I really like where I am in my life and if I may
have missed my crucial turn in the road.

I FEAR... becoming the old lady ambu-bagging myself in the charity ward (because no one else will)

I SEARCH... for the perfect cheesecake. But seriously -- I am looking outfor that person who will see through me and love me without my having to starve myself into
a great body.

I WONDER... if things in this country can ever get better.

I REGRET... not giving my phone number to this boy I met and liked way back in high school because I think that
completely changed the whole schema of my romantic life and turned it into a barren wasteland.

I LOVE... living by the sea.

I ALWAYS... like to argue for the sake of arguing.

I AM NOT... as tough as I appear to be.

I DANCE... as gracefully as a pregnant elephant.

I SING... impromptu concertos in the shower regularly and at acoustic bars with open mic on demand.

I CRY... over happy endings.

I WRITE... fan fiction and drivel -- a huge amount of it -- for which I will never get paid.

I WON... 3rd place at my mom's office singing contest when I was 11 -- singing and dancing to Laura Brannigan's "Name Game." It was one of the most mortifying moments of my life.

I AM CONFUSED... about what the world is coming to. Are people really determined to hasten the end of the world as we know it?

I NEED... to figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life!

I SHOULD... start getting some serious exercise.

THE LAST THOUGHT YOU GO TO SLEEP WITH IS... "Oh, God... tomorrow is another day!"

Your turn!


Manggy said...

"I FEAR... becoming the old lady ambu-bagging myself in the charity ward (because no one else will)"

Oh my God! Don't think things like that! Who knows, that boy you liked in high school might bump into you later... (I know what's bad for you: romantic comedies, haha)

Ash said...

I fuund your site through entrecard and I love it! I wish to do/use this meme over at Paisley Goddess and will be mentioning you at my site!
Will be back often!

iris said...

you write fiction? really? why don't you post it here like i did) and let people read it? :) im a sucker for short stories written by people i mostly know, so why not? :)

Ness said...

I love that cheesecake!!

Can you please tell me how to make that Cloud Label thingy?


dr_clairebear said...

@manggy: it's the pervading thought of my single batchmates in IM. :) as a matter of fact, the guy from high school and i met again, several times. we're hi-hello friends and friendster friends, but he lives miles away now. i wonder...

@ash: please, go ahead! :) thanks for the drop and i look forward to seeing you here often. :) i think your site is relevant to my journey, too, and i will pay visits for your pearls of wisdom.

@ris: FAN fiction is fiction for people who are way too lazy to develop their own characters and watch way too many TV shows. :) i haven't tried real fiction as yet. maybe i might take a creative writing class at UP this summer.

@ness: i LOVE cheesecake. :)) for the tag cloud, i just followed the instructions on the following site:

good luck!

Marjie said...

thanks for the tag dear. as you can see, I was out of ideas to post, but this is a saver! i shall do this meme as soon as possible.

things have gotten better with me dear, thanks for your constant support. i trull appreciate it =)

iris said...

oh i see.. but it's still writing diba? :)

by the way, i moved to already. pa-update naman ng link ko please? if you have already, super thanks! :)

Lis said...

I used to spend my time reading waaaay too many Harry Potter fan fics. Heh. What fan fics do you write?

Oh, and thanks for the tag!

Ness said...

Hello, Thank you for the cloud label lesson! I had a hard time doing it as I do not know anything about HTML. I will experiment some more later so I can make a nice cloud :-) 'Yong centered and not all naka-line up sa left.

Your Online Guide said...

I love the cheesecake. Yummy. I do receive a lot of emails per day too and majority of it are nothing but spam ;D

ris said...

hey doc, i answered your tag na here! :)