Saturday, January 05, 2008

Music: Wanted

In order to make up for the vitriol of my last post, I've decided to make up for lost time (while our DSL was on the fritz) by putting up another post before returning to the monstrous black hole called Studying that is now taking up all of my time.

One addiction I haven't been able to indulge in lately is my voracious quest for new music for my MP3 collection. I don't claim to be a fan of any one genre; a trip through my iPod will show you that the only qualification a song needs to find its way is in there is the fact that I like it.

Songs in my collection range from classic to cheezy, easy listening to pop-rock. It's a well-represented mix of songs that spans several decades, with some centuries-old classical in the mix. It's a place where Pachelbel meets Parokya ni Edgar, Madonna is next-door neighbors with the Carpenters, and Frank Sinatra gets equal playing time as Earl Klugh and Smashmouth. Broadway belters like Lea Salonga and Idina Menzel are joined by a liberal dash of Usher, Babyface, and Corinne Bailey Rae.

I label my collection eclectic. A friend of mine, with curled lip and rolling eyeballs, derisively calls it Chick Music.

I think my very confused playlist has been heavily influenced by having parents who are relatively far apart in age and who both unabashedly enjoy music as much as I do. I grew up listening to the smooth, heart-melting voices of crooners from the big band era such as Nat King Cole thanks to my Dad; my Mom weaned me on the Beatles and the music of the late 60's and 70's. More of my musical fodder was provided by my aunt's collection of piano pieces, which I grew up singing to, and my stint as a member in my school choirs.

As I grew up, my own playlist has increased in size and variety as songs which I decide to call mine are promptly taken, stored, and find a permanent home in my personal music data bank. I get them from everywhere - recommendations from friends, off movie soundtracks and TV shows, mentions on various on-line forums I frequent (whose main topic of interest is NOT even music). If I like a song by an artist, I usually try to check out the rest of his or her work. Sometimes I fall in love with a song because of its melody, but most times it's the lyrics that hold my ear captive and gain my undying loyalty. (In my music, just as I am with the rest of my stuff, I am an hopeless pack rat.)

Since I continue to consider music as one of my greatest comforts and pleasures, my collection is still growing.

These days I'm addicted to what I call "pretty music." Music lover does not equal music expert, so I am at a loss for words finding a genre under which I can put these recent favorites of mine! Lately, the soothing, piano-driven melodies of Vienna Teng, Charlotte Martin, Corrine May, and Keri Noble, the heartbreaking voice and poetry of Sarah McLachlan, and the catchy, empowered sound of new-comer Sara Bareilles have taken up the most often played spots on my iPod. I also listen to a small selection of Kate Havenevik, Imogen Heap, and Dido. I've also been sing-along-addicted to songs from the hit Broadway musical Wicked.

You can get an idea of what I've been listening to lately by visiting my dashboard. (All music lovers should have this!)

What's on your playlist? Do share. I'm always on the look out for new music to love.


Manggy said...

Based on what you've written you might like to try Eva Cassidy (one of my readers recommended her-- excellent) or Colbie Callait. I don't like studying with lyrics on (distracting), so I have a healthy dose of Howard Shore and Nobuo Uematsu in my iPod. Pwedeng may Japanese lyrics at wala naman akong maintindihan.

I was supposed to eventually write about this, but I really want to answer your post, so here goes: :)
Ace of Base (3 songs)
All Saints (1 song)
Anita Baker (1 song)
Beyonce (1 album)
Celine Dion (1 song)
The Corrs (1 album + 1 song)
Elliott Yamin (1 album + live perf.)
Elton John (1 song)
Five for Fighting (1 album)
Gavin deGraw (5 songs)
Gloria Estefan (2 albums)
Gwen Stefani (1 album)
Howard Shore (2 albums)
Janet Jackson (1 song)
Jason Mraz (1 album)
John Legend (1 song)
Kath Bloom (1 song)
Keane (3 albums + 32 B-sides)
The Killers (1 album)
Kylie Minogue (2 albums)
Lauryn Hill (2 songs)
Linkin Park (1 song)
Luther Vandross (4 songs)
Mandy Moore (1 album + 3 songs)
Mariah Carey (1 album)
Maroon 5 (1 album)
Mark Ronson (1 album)
Mary J. Blige (1 song)
Matt Bianco (3 songs)
Muse (1 album)
Natalie Imbruglia (2 songs)
Nelly Furtado (1 album)
Nobuo Uematsu (11 albums)
Paula Abdul (1 song-- guess what?)
Rugus Wainwright (14 songs)
Sarah McLachlan (1 album)
Sophie Ellis Bextor (1 song)
Spice Girls (3 albums + 1 song)
Stephen Speaks (1 song)
Switchfoot (6 albums)
Tori Amos (11 albums)
Travis (1 album)
Tuck and Patti (1 album)
Vince Guaraldi (1 album)
String Quartet (1 song)
Yolanda Adams (1 song)
The 5th Dimension (1 song)

I like Madonna and The Carpenters too... Just looking to get a definitive album na hindi pirata. "Something To Remember" is nice but it's all ballad-y, I want songs like "Human Nature" and "Frozen."

Now, how's THAT for eclectic? :)

Lis said...

Looking at your list, you seem to prefer female singers so I've no idea what to recommend since I prefer male ones. Heh. So maybe I'll talk about my favourite (1 man) band? I love Divine Comedy. I'm the sort who seldom pays attention to lyrics when I listen to songs but his songs are so witty! Plus, he uses lots of orchestral arrangements which I loooove.

I've about 100gb of music (excluding my CD collection) so yeah, pretty long play list.

Oh I almost forgot. There's this band I used to listen to with female lead vocals that's not bad. Rilo Kiley. Heard of them? Another seemingly popular female singer is Rachael Yamagata.

Ha! Now I remember. I do listen to female singers but mostly the Japanese ones or those in the jazz/bossa nova genre. If you're interested in jazz/bossa nova, check out these:

Lisa Ono
Diana Krall
Jacintha (Singaporean represent!)
Claressa Monteiro (Singaporean represent!)
Lisa Ekdahl
Sarah Vaughn
Ella Fitzgerald
Bebel Gilberto

Lots more but I can't recall anyone else off the top of my head at the moment. sounds like fun. I should probably get an account. :)

Phew, this is probably my longest comment eva!

Lis said...

Oh yes, I'm subscribing to this blog! :)

MegaMom said...

I have the Papaya dance in mine, hehehe... along with Alvin the Chipmunks and HS Musical 1 and 2. Funny how motherhood changes that playlist dramatically. :)
Talk about eclectic: from Madonna to Palestrina, VST and Co. to French electronica, Tears for Fears to Boyz2Men, from gasgas to obscure...sige, we can trade muzik when we see each other.

dr_clairebear said...

Whoa! Thanks for the responses so far! :) I am going to put going over your recommendations once I'm done with my exam on my to-do list.

@manggy: I have a few eva cassidy's cover of "fields of gold" in my collection. I love her voice. Funny, I have Kylie Minogue in my list, too - 1980's to her more recent dance hits. And one song from Paula Abdul - "Forever Your Girl." Is yours "Rush Rush"?

@lis: first off, thanks for subscribing to my blog! I enjoy your blog entries when I get to visit (though these days I don't get to do it that often - darn exam!) and I'm glad you enjoy mine, too. I do like female singers a slight bit better... but only because they have songs in my range that I can sing to. :) I love to sing almost as much as I love to listen to music. I have a few Rilo Kiley tracks (one of those bands recommended to me by another on-line friend) and one song from Rachel Yamagata. And I love Ella. :) I also have a bossa playlist with Astrud Gilberto, Basia, and some local artists well-represented. 100GB of music!!! I am already drowning in my puny 11GB... but I can imagine going up to as high as that someday...

@Megamom: I have a confession - Alvin and the Chipmunks, a few High School Musical Tracks, Papaya, and VST are on my Pod, too... and I'm not even a mommy. :) I used to have Rubber Duckie, C is for Cookie, and Kermit's version of Rainbow Connection, too... but it got lost somewhere in my computer when I had to reconstruct the contents of my iPod due to some mechanical glitch that wiped everything out. (It was a nightmare come true!)

Manggy said...

Bingo! It is Rush Rush.

Basia has been my favorite since forever, but I'm having a problem locating my original CDs.

aloyloy said...

Music for exam-studying: Hed Kandi!!! Works wonders.

Em Dy said...

Party pooper here...

I used to love listening to music. I don't make an effort anymore. I 'd rather watch TV or blog.

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