Thursday, January 31, 2008

Overhaulers Wanted

Meet Dr. Clairebear.

this custom made South Park self-portrait was built on this great site.
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The cartoon above is a pretty good approximation of what I used to look like on a good day at work.

You would have bumped into me coming in from my morning commute, lugging my huge Hedgren backpack, iPod earphones in place. My hair would usually be in a cool and practical - if somewhat disheveled - up-do, and I would almost always be in pants (jeans when I could get away with it) and a scrub top. The whole ensemble would be set-off by my favorite soft as butter, 3-year old Bass slip-on moccassins - which used to be tan, but now look like the canvas of a Jackson Pollock painting.

This was hardly an ideal attire for any up-and-coming medical resident.

Obviously, I have been on the Fashion Police's most wanted list for the past three years.

The environment in my training hospital wasn't exactly conducive to dressing up. For someone like myself, who has always lived by the adage "comfort before beauty" when it comes to fashion, it was a haven. The rigors of 24-hour duty allowed me to wear feet-friendly shoes that I could slip on in seconds. My clothes had to be CPR friendly because had to be ready to jump on hospital beds to take my turn at chest compressions anytime. Scrub tops conveniently had several pockets to hold the other essential tools of my trade - a penlight, a calculator, my PDA, my phone - and thus were acceptable as well.

The fact that I could wake up in the morning and be ready in 15 minutes tops (already inclusive of my morning shower) was pure joy.

Unfortunately, this atmosphere of anti-fashion freedom has made me into a complete fashion dunce. While I still live by my "comfort before beauty" philosophy, my present age and status now require a certain amount of dressing up that I am not capable of. I am a fashion disaster tabula rasa. I would be a challenge even to the fabulous 5 of Queer Eye.

In short, I am in desperate need of an make-over. And I seriously need help.

Any takers? I don't have any money to offer, but I promise to give free medical services for life to anyone who can actually pull this miracle off.


A Completely Unrelated Post-script:

Megamom tagged me a few days ago to answer questions about my blogging life.

I'm not quite sure that what I have is an actual blogging life. Regular readers (do I have those?) notice how my posts are usually from all-over the place, and it's probably because I haven't quite decided how serious about blogging I really want to be. But I'm going to answer the questions anyway because: a) my underlying obsessive-compulsiveness cannot leave on-line tags unanswered, and b) I have an addiction to these quizzes.

1. How long have you been blogging? On an off since 2005 - mostly off, though.

2. What inspired you to have a blog and who are your mentors?
I set up this blog when I was a first year resident so that I would have an impetus to keep writing. I also planned on using it as a means of keeping in touch with friends without having to write collective emails. I also thought it would be interesting to keep a record of my growth as a doctor as I went further in my training. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to work on it then.

I haven't really sought any serious advice on blogging because I'm still in the process of figuring out what I want out of it, but I will probably need advice soon!

3. What 3 things do you love about being on line? Meeting people from all over the world who have common interests, easy to access information, makes for hours of entertainment.

4. What 3 things do you struggle with in the on-line world? Its unlimited potential as a tool for procrastination, information overload, and addiction

I tag anyone who wants to answer!


::online-junkie:: said...

Wow, I could not imagine how a doctor is able to manage a blog online. Thought this stuff is not part of a doctor's daily rounds and busy skeds. More power to you, have a great time.

My very quick answers:
1. How long I have been blogging? - 11 weeks.

2. What inspired me to start a blog? - Just the thought of having a real cool good looking site using ready-made templates... / Mentors? None. I spent more time before playing online games.

3. 3 things I love being online? Hmmm, 3.1 Lookin for real nice blog themes 3.2 Lookin for real nice blog posts 3.3 Lookin for real nice bloggers and make friends.

4. 3 things Im struggling with online? 4.1 Not being a good blog writer 4.2 Not having a good blog theme 4.3 Not having a good blog traffic

Aw, it's the last question. Can't imagine myself doin this, but this is my first time responding to such kind of post.

Great blog, keep it up!

~ bloggista

Manggy said...

? I do not recall that you were particularly a fashion disaster (many male surgery residents are, though-- short-sleeved button downs that are two sizes too big, and PLAID EVERYWHERE! Hindi na lumaki from the grunge days of the 90's). I don't even picture your daily wear as a scrub top-- I always thought it was a knit top, white blouse or a pique polo. Ewan ko kung bakit. Mukhang binihisan ko na lahat ng IM residents in the same clothes. In any case, not only is it important to be practical, but you cannot flaunt too much, uh, fabulosity (God, I hate that word) in front of the patients. I did wear the same rubber shoes every single day of hospital work. They are like a second pair of feet-- so comfortable, important when walking/running around the whole day.

Outside the hospital, though, is a different matter! When dining out with my friends, I always insist on changing into something appropriate. It goes without mentioning that I HATE HATE HATE the uniform.

I already answered that meme, heh heh :)

morks said...

natawa naman ako sa wanted ad mo. :) i would gladly take that challenge too! pero we might end up going after all the nike stores and other sports shops because im a big fan of comfortable clothes too. hehe. but really, if you need tips on really nice (and comfortable) i'll be happy to help. have you tried the grendene shoes at shoe salon? i think i blogged about it a while back. they're really flexible and comfortable but really stylish. very bagay for a doctor like you. it's here, i think.


dr_clairebear said...

@ on-line junkie: thanks for the drop! glad you enjoyed your visit. do you know where i can find widget ready templates for blogger? the last time I tried to tweak the HTML code of my template, I almost had a heart attack when my widgets and changes disappeared. :)

@ manggy: you're right, my IM colleagues as better dressed than most residents in IM (especially our first years!). I'm glad their fashionista outfits bathed me in their reflected glory and my fashion faux pas vanished in the collective illusion. :))

Frankly, I cannot imagine negotiating ER duty in a skirt and kitty heels - for me, that would be a recipe for disaster - but amazingly, some people actually do! I would probably end up losing a shoe...

@ ris: hehehe... I would wear jogging pants and scrubs to a party if i could. No wonder my fashion sense is totally unacceptable! I will consider your shoe suggestions next time I shop - I may be in the market for comfortable, durable but stylish shoes pretty soon. :)

Em Dy said...

Your post would definitely attract those in the makeover business. The medical field however would probably say I know how it is.

When I was in fellowship, I would usually be in scrubs or pants. Had to wear skirts in residency though because of a very strict chief of clinics.

Manggy, how come groups of doctors dress differently? I find that OB-GYNs have a different sense of style from those in IM or Surgery. I wonder why.

cardiogirl said...

Hmm, I am totally fashion challenged. Is there a reason why your style needs to change. Are you no longer a student and trying to change your image? It seems like you still need stretchy pants/shirts (like scrubs) to be able to jump on a hospital bed in a single bound.

I say why mess with perfection? Stay the way you are!

MegaMom said...

Clairebear, you're on!!! I'll be one of the takers. :)
Hehehe...power-dressing for doctors, that should be taught in medical school, don't you think?

MegaMom said...

Oh and yes, thanks for answering my tag. I'm just getting ready to post my answers to UP centennial meme. Thanks for the tag. :)

dr_clairebear said...

@ em dy: i know scrubs are glorified pajamas, but aren't they just the best clothes in the world? i love that being a doctor lets me wear scrubs. they're cool, comfy, and i love all those pockets! :)

i think the dressing distinction just applies to doctors in training - with those in the surgical fields more likely to wear scrubs than not. surgeons in training in my institution have the extra requirement of not being allowed to take a bath above once every two days...

@ cardiogirl: i know! i'd love to keep dressing as i do, but now that i'm technically out of the hospital, i have to take a crash course at dressing like a normal person for a change. :) since i am no longer a resident, i'm not longer required to be the first to hurdle hospital beds in a single bound. ;)

@ megamom: power dressing as a subject most definitely should be included! the corporate look doesn't seem right, but somehow i do realize that jean and scrubs will make my patients think i'm fresh out of med school, coat notwithstanding.

dyosa said...

well from your description, i think you already look good. as long as you've a nice pair of decent jeans, decent top and non-hideous-looking comfy shoes (+ the cool ipod), you're in good (fashion) shape. :-)

but then again, no harm in sprucing up your look a bit, if that's what you really want. hehe.

ALiNe said...

Dr. Clairebear is kewl

Yamaha p95 said...

My sister is a nurse and from what she has told me of your average doctor they would not blog the way you do. It is refreshing, keep it up.