Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Salt in the Wound

I promised myself I wouldn't post another entry until after my exams on Sunday, but after reading this article ("Estrada: God is punishing the country"), I just couldn't help myself.

Apparently, the ousted ex-President insists on being akin to a Bad Joke on our country that simply refuses to go away.

He not only insists he is innocent in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. He now has the nerve to thumb his nose at the people whose courage and conviction took them to the streets in the revolution that threw him out of Malacanang. He is now saying that the Filipino people are getting their "just desserts" because they refused to keep him, a blatantly amoral president, in power any longer than they had to.

It is a testament to the man's maturity and wisdom - or, rather, his lack thereof - that he continues to rub salt in an already festering wound. How can this man continue to style himself as "para sa masa" (for the masses) if he can throw their suffering in their face with impunity as he sticks out his tongue at them and says, "Beh, buti nga sa inyo, kasalanan nyo yan" (serves all of you right, it's all your fault)?

At the expense of repeating myself, I can only shake my head as I say, "Only in the Philippines."


Manggy said...

Oh God, I wish I hadn't read that. He is truly disgusting. And "vindication" is his new favorite word.

dr_clairebear said...

I know! I had read another comment of his a few days ago in an article on EDSA 2 saying that this government is more corrupt than his government, and I rolled my eyes at the irony of the pot calling the kettle black. But this one really had me spitting nails. I'm no big fan of Cardinal Sin nor the CBCP, but Erap's kakapalan has reached new heights with this one!

MegaMom said...

The worst part is that there are actually people behind him! Ugh!
He should just be ignored! Why is the press even paying attention?