Monday, November 10, 2008

A Little Insanity

This is the reason why I have never worn my hair short and curly. And why I am glad I was still in pigtails and bows in 1986.

Since I've been going just a little bit insane over the past few weeks, the site where I made this photo composite of me (yes, that really is me!) was a bit of comic relief. I swear, I will have some sensible stories to tell in the near future about my life as an expat MD - it's just that today is not going to be that day. But I do have more silly photos!

These cat-eye glasses and curly look are circa 1960. I don't know why I felt compelled to try out all the short-curly haired templates - it must be a subconscious fashion wish of mine. Okay, we've already established that I don't do well with curly. But what about the bangs? Do you think the bangs could be a good idea?

If you're still not convinced that curly hair does not suit me, the next photo will probably convince you.

Dr. Clairebear in an Afro, style circa 1978. Where's the fashion police?

The following will reinforce some (evil) friends' tongue-in-cheek comments about my resemblance to Tracy (Nikki Blonski) in the movie "Hairspray."

I've always wanted to know how a flip-type hairdo would suit me. Now I do.

I have never actually considered dyeing my hair - but even if I ever did, I would obviously never be able to pull off being blonde. Isn't this 'do so early 90's?

Okay, okay - nearly done. I end with a look that was "in" a year before my mother was born - 1954. I can imagine it could also be my future spinster look in around, give or take, ten to twenty years from now.

But seriously - what do you guys think about my getting some bangs? :)


Manggy said...

Oh gosh, actually some of the styles look good (yes, even the afro!), but you have to put it in context. Some really look dated!
I think bangs would be great, judging from the blond look. But your hair is kind of on the thin side, it might take a while, or might not grow the way you want it to. Listen to me, what do I know about styling hair?!

rayms said...

Nikki Blonsky!!! I am hearing you singing in my head "Good Morning Baltimore"!!!


Miss you:)

Walking on Water said...

geez, did you really have to pose and make those yearbook smiles? hehe. i like the 60s though.=)

dr_clairebear said...

@manggy: my hair is baby fine and straight, unfortunately. i am a bit tempted to lop most of it off (as it now hangs to almost waist-level), but i'm giving myself time for my stresses to peter out before deciding on whether i should play around with my hair.

@raymond: i just KNEW you'd say that. :P miss you back, mother!

@jean: did you like the one i used for yours? future PCP-president!

Panaderos said...

This is a very cute and funny post. I ought to check that website out. :)

Take care.

Marjie said...

Lol...the blonde do is adding a great touch for your looks. Funny how your face changes when your hair looks different. No wonder people think through it for months before getting an actual haircut.


dr_clairebear said...

@panaderos: the guys' 'do's are quite funny as well!

@marjie: i don't know about being blonde... my dark brows tend to rat me out! ;P i'm thinking of a haircut myself...

ness said...

!!!!! this is fun! i thin my favorite is the first one. reminds me of an artista. but i like the '60's look also. character!
thanks for sharing.

Kayak said...

I like the firstone and the fourthone because it suits on your face and you are looking nice in these styles.Other are really silly pics and make me laugh.