Thursday, November 06, 2008

Sun Worship

In a country where the vast majority of the population lives on the coast, the birth of a beach culture is inevitable. And in my city on the water, where beautiful beaches beckon a stone's throw away from the urban jungle, there's no better way to spend a fine spring day just hinting of the summer to come.

It's hard not to get sucked into the outdoorsy lifestyle of Perth. Apart from the fact that the odd commercial hours make it nearly impossible to hide in a shopping mall the whole day, the lure of the wide open spaces is pretty hard to resist. And with the advent of the warm weather, outside is the place to be.

I was vividly reminded of this when I gave into the impulse to visit one of the more popular beaches on the first warm weekend of the season. My once-almost-deserted recovery room was crawling with people, winter-pale and eager to start on their summer tan. It was probably the most number of people I've ever seen in one place since I got here. Peaceful giving way to festive, quiet filled by the raucous noises of beach lovers happy to see the last of winter.

I never used to pay much attention to the weather reports at home except when it was to hope on a storm signal high enough to get classes canceled (so you can imagine that this was eons ago!). These days I find myself tuning in to the news just to see what the weather is going to be like - specially if it's going to be on a day off - so I can make plans for it. To go for a run along the river. To spend time just chilling and people watching on my favorite beach. Basically, just to be out.

If the forecast says a fine sunny day, don't bother looking for me at home. Chances are, I'll be somewhere outside, happy on my own little spot of sand or grass, worshiping the sun.


ness said...

You have a beautiful place there. Enjoy it!

lastAutumn said...

I'm dreaming of having a small house on the beach of the sea and enjoy the beauty of the waves and the sun.

Walking on Water said...

you used to be a rainmaker too. =)
i'm glad you're enjoying your world claire.

dr_clairebear said...

@ness: believe me, i am. :)

@last autumn: i must say "ditto" to that dream of yours- it's always been a dream of mine, too!

@walking on water: oh, i still make rain. :) but lately, my powers have been less potent, thank goodness!

Rachiel Grant said...

I enjoy the beach as much as you, thank you for sharing with us. Your writing is beautiful.