Saturday, November 01, 2008

Boy Toy

This is Vincent - two going on three and charming as anything. Every time we are together, he makes it a point to go through my handbag and demands I give him a blow-by-blow commentary about every single thing in it. He isn't quite capable of coherent three-word sentences and can't quite pronounce my name yet, but we have managed to bond over his Megablocks and my Palm Pilot's Insaniquarium game.

And, right now, he's the closest thing I have to a steady date.

In an ironic twist of fate, it seems that my karma of being the odd single out has followed me here. I've been adopted by an awesome group of Pinoy friends, all in my general age group, great company, and who really look out for me despite my being a complete stranger to them in the beginning - and, believe me, I know just how blessed I am to have that. The only catch is - they're all paired up, three married couples - and one kid.

At the moment, I have a bit of a reprieve as another new friend has flown down from Manila recently and joined our growing circle. But her husband is coming in late November to join her - before the group sets off for some summer traveling.

Leaving me, of course, with the little charmer as my partner.

I've already asked his mother if they have any objections to betrothing him to me and allowing me to marry him once he is of age. It's more than a 20 year difference, but what's a few years in the face of true love? His parents have agreed, tongue-in-cheek, provided that I take care of all his academic expenses from Year 1 to college. The only downside is, by the time he's ready to marry me, he may already be really preparing to take care of me in my old age.

Hmmm, maybe I should offer to adopt him instead.

In the meantime, I will brush up on my three-year-old-speak, install more easy games on my Palm Pilot, and make sure I have interesting things and treats inside my purse. I may not have been born with the skill to catch the eye of grown guys - but I'm fairly sure I can keep my latest love interested in his grown up playmate!


rayms said...

CRADLE SNATCHER!!!! Hahahaha...

Or is it just your desire to have a kid of your own?

Panoorin mo yung bagong 30 Rock. Tina Fey's take on a 30 something successful woman adopting a baby! So funny!:-)

Walking on Water said...

good for you clairebear! you've got to be heeding the call of your aging ovaries pretty soon. so go ahead, indulge your maternal instincts. that's excellent practice until you get your own. one day soon...=)

dr_clairebear said...

oh, don't you two start! :P i have nightmares about my fertility issues without thinking about the factor of AGING! oh, well, if it happens, it happens - if not, i've already picked out a breed of dog i want to raise. Hahaha.

Manggy said...

Eerk! No comment, haha :) If you would provide for his studies, then your betrothal would have some sort of Oedipal component, for which reason you should run far in the opposite direction, hahaha!