Friday, May 23, 2008

Cookie Love

I've never been a fan of the "American Idol" franchise the way some of my other friends and family have been (Raymond and my dad, in particular). And much as I love music, rock has never been my favorite genre. But in my case, idle minds turn to "Idol" minds, and I found myself tuning into this year's competition... and actually rooting for someone - and a rocker, to boot!

My bet, David Cook, is the winner of American Idol season 7!

I would have voted for him via text if I could... not that he needed it, with a 12 million vote margin against runner up, tweener favorite and crooner-wanna be David Archuleta.

I started watching AI this season just to pass the time - and also because I was curious about the Filipina finalist Ramiele Malubay. But the Cookie soon emerged as my runaway favorite, catching my ear with his now-famous Mariah cover and finally making me a believer with his version of Neil Diamond's "All I Really Need is You."

David Cook, hands down, beats the rest of the playing field in stage presence and being a total performer. Archuleta, the Cookie's closest rival, is strong vocally, but as a performer still needs a bit of growing up to do.

While the Cookie was the pundits' clear favorite, the judges were particularly scathing to him during finals night. Coupled with the Little David's strong performance, it seemed as if Big David's AI hopes were down the drain. In fact, my friends and fellow Cookie fans and I were already consoling ourselves that maybe not winning the AI title would even be a good thing for him - less pressure and more freedom.

There are some speculations that the anti-Cookie sentiments from the judges were just put-on to add to the drama of the win. Nonetheless, drama or no drama, I really think David Cook deserved the title.

Besides, the final song was perfect for him - and is, hopefully, a hit waiting to happen. If "All I Really Need is You" will be on the album, I'm definitely going to be one of the first people standing in line to buy it. But even without it, my non-rocker self will probably get a copy anyway.

I should have thought of betting money against my dad - who predicted with impunity that it was the Arch that would triumph (he thought Cook was too cocky for his own good). I could have put the money into my must-have-these fund!

Did any of you watch the AI season 7 finale? And if so, who were you betting on, the Cookie or the Arch?

Go, David Cook!


PePPeR_MD said...

i had a feeling that he DESERVES to win all throughout the last few shows of the season. i guess it came down to versatility and personality.

If it was according to the last show, Archuleta would've won.. but overall, America must've voted for Cook because although Archuleta was the better singer, Cook was the better performer, and musician, and he was the STAR. :)

Nevertheless, they both have careers ahead of them talaga. Archuleta's still has his whole life ahead of him. He's only 17. Cook's at his peak. It's the one big break he needed, especially at his age.

I watched Ellen's interview of Simon the afternoon before the finale.. and they were both rooting for Cook talaga. It's all about him having experienced LIFE already, while Archuleta seems to have been trained for something like this, so it was experience/character versus training/a great package. :)

Manggy said...

You want to compare fanaticism? When we were clerks/interns, I *supplied* my blocks (and adjacents) with American Idol recordings off my digital video recorder into the computer. I even burned DVDs of the entire season for overworked residents on request! It helped keep us awake on duty nights, too, and automatic scheduling meant I could record it even while on duty. Take that, Dr. Raymond! Lol.

I think this season was mostly a bunch lacking in humor and excitement. Boring David H., offensively bad Amanda, annoying Chikezie, frightened Ramiele, creepy Michael, fingers-in-ears-shoot-me-now Kristy, desperate Carly, nervous breakdown-y Brooke, stoned Jason, bitchy Syesha, dead behind the eyes David A., and even David C. annoyed me in semifinals with his cringe-y backtalk to Simon. But he was the most consistently good among them and the only one I downloaded any tracks from (I have liked some of the others' performances, just not enough for a permanent place on my mp3 player). My favorite is "I'm Alive," also from the Neil Diamond week. (I actually think his renditions of Eleanor Rigby and Always Be My Baby were not that great, mostly because I LOVE the original versions of those songs.)

Ness said...

your title... made me hungry... cookies!!

dr_clairebear said...

@pepper: i so agree with everything you said. as someone else put it, archuleta obviously has a good voice, but it's cook's album you can't wait to come out. :P

@manggy: omg! blow by blow analysis! hehehe. i didn't catch "I'm alive" - will go look it up now...

@ness: misleading ba? :P

Abaniko said...

You're totally correct about your observations of the two. The younger David lacks stage presence while the older one has an impressive showmanship on stage. I also liked it when he sang one of my favorite songs Music Of The Night.

dr_clairebear said...

@abaniko: i was quite surprised when i heard him do "Music of the Night," given his voice and his style, i thought it would be a disaster, but it actually turned out pretty well! :) the guy can sing anything.

this is completely geeky of me, but i got to see many of his post-idol interviews, and i must say he seems like a really nice, grounded, intelligent guy. he's handling the carnival with grace and maturity. :)

Em Dy said...

That bit about your dad made me smile. My dad rooted for Archuleta too. He calls him Atsuete.