Monday, May 12, 2008

Must Love Dogs

is it possible for anyone to resist this funny face? (our family pug, Sage)

A person can fall under any of the following categories: dog people, cat people, other-kind-of-pets people, and get-those-animals-away-from-me people. I make no secret of the fact that I am and will always be a dog person.

Dogs are funny, amusing, and great companions. But it's their uncomplicated love and adoration of their "pack" that is a definite draw for true blue doggy lovers - and something that cat-people hold against them.

While there have always been dogs in our household for as long as I can remember, I really want to have my own dog. Not a family dog, but MY own dog. Unfortunately, given the uncertainty of my circumstances, it would be crazy to even consider raising a puppy now. But I've already gotten as far as coming up with the breeds I'm considering when I do get one - someday.

The breeds on my dream-puppy list, all things being ideal, are:

- It's like having your own live big, cuddly teddy bear. Intelligent and independent, they won't mind being left at home very much and can adapt to apartment living. The drawback? A chow would require major grooming - and shedding hair would mean I might end up living in a giant hairball instead of an apartment. And they're notoriously hard to obedience-train.

- It is among the most popular breeds today. And why shouldn't it be? Highly intelligent, loyal, friendly, sweet, and gentle for their size. And so very pretty. This breed requires serious grooming, though - and lots of exercise. (Hello, me and lots of exercise? Does not compute!)

- they look like miniature boxers, they're highly intelligent and easy to train - and they'll take well to apartment life. What more can a yuppie doctor ask for?

Any other suggestions for my dream-puppy list? Since I'm not going to be following through on this particular wish of mine for a long time, I'm still open to any and all recommendations.

In the meantime, I get my dog fix from our two family dogs. One is a stately old lady, who turned ten a few months ago (that's 70 in dog years, in case you didn't know), and the other is a incorrigible clown of a , who is about two years old. I am also silly in love with both of them, and would also most definitely consider these breeds when it's my turn to get my own puppy.

But most definitely, if I were ever to write a personals ad, one of my desired qualifications would be, "Must love dogs." Then again, as they say, you may never find the perfect man or woman, but you can always find the perfect dog... so I think I'm going to stick to chasing my elusive puppy dream for now!


Post-script: Here's another option for people who are looking for pets. I recently stumbled upon the site Me Find Home - and it's all about adopting pets from the animal shelter in Katipunan Avenue. They have around 30 adoptable dogs and 100+ cats, all rescued and neutered/spayed and dewormed, who are just waiting for someone to take them home. I'd consider getting one if I could, but we have our hands full already with the two dogs we have at home.

But if you're in a market for a dog or cat right now, you just might find your perfect canine or feline companion here. Spread the word to your other friends who might be looking for pets. These animals need good forever homes. You can check out details on how to adopt and how to get there on their website.


Manggy said...

I love animals but I don't think I could ever care for one! I can take all the cuteness but not the mess and the slobbering, haha :)

In any case, those are the CUTEST EVAA! I'm definitely not a cat person. They start out as cute kittens then quickly degenerate into spoiled princesses! Nakakainis! It's not beyond them to betray you either!

rlbates said...

I have labrador retrievers (well two have died, so only one now). They are friendly and loyal. We had a mixed rotweiller/ pyrenes that was a charmer. So sweet, but died from jaw cancer.

My neighbors have border collies. Smart dogs, but need "a job" to do.

So many lovable dogs to choose from.

evilwoobie said...

dogs are the best! playful and you have to watch out for extreme show of affection, but the best, nonetheless...

dog person ka din pala sis! XD

rskirk55 said...

We have a loving Labrador who relates to her "pack" in many ways. I did not grow up around animals and it has taken some getting used to. However, I am willing to put up with some mess and inconvenience for the adoring head in my lap begging to have her ears scratched. After a hard day, she wants nothing more than to give and receive some love without strings attached. We have a cat, too, but dogs rule.
Making Perfect Sense

dr_clairebear said...

@rlbates: i know! 8P i think labs are really sweet too; if i get one, i'm partial to the chocolate ones. rots scare me, although i know they also make great companions when reared and socialized well.

we've had a series of german shepherds pass through our home, and the last one in particular was a sweetheart of a boy. he died really young - got poisoned - and i was crying all the way home from the vet's. :( i wouldn't mind having another, but if she's just a house dog, she might become really bored and destructive.

@woobie: i am a super dog person. funny nga e, inaasar nila ako sa callroom na displacement lang ang ginagawa ko kaya ako naghahanap ng dog na sarili - para in lieu of boyfriend. :P

seriously, i really love them. they're uncomplicated and sweet and loyal and will never break your heart. :)

@rskirk: awwwww. :) our pug jumps on any member of the family who hasn't hugged him yet and will persist in doing so until you do. The Boxer does her jumping jellybean dance every time the car comes in and runs out the door to greet everyone coming home from work. it's so great!

but seriously

dr_clairebear said...

@manggy: i've never had a cat, but i like being the only princess in my household! *lol*

as for the mess - they're really great once toilet-trained. and you can pick a breed that doesn't slobber. :)

Toe said...

Oh, Sage is so cute! Ang sarap kurutin. I would love to have a golden retriever. I also want a beagle (like Snoopy diba?).

Dette said...

We have a yellow lab (Samson) and a cat (Cleopatra).

Labs are so friendly and super-good with kids - I'm amazed at what he's put up with from the monsters.

But my WORD - the work involved in taking care of pets. And bills.

lol - I've got my kids picking up poop in the backyard. Yeah!!

dr_clairebear said...

@toe: sage is quite handsome for a pug, but the darn dog knows he can get away with anything. :)

beagles also have a good review on the sites and books i've read, and they're easy to groom.

@dette: having dogs or any pet really teaches kids responsibility in a big way. it's great that you have them cleaning up the poop after your pets, it'll prepare them for when they have their own dogs (and kids! - hehehe) to take care of.

Honey Oliveros said...

Sorry to disappoint, but Boston terriers can be such a handful. It's our first time with one - Zorro - and he's hyperactive as heck. He can jump as high as the dining table (he likes to sleep on it) and has already gnawed through two METAL dog cages (not to mention our upholstery and, weirdly, several of my LEFT foot tsinelas). On the other hand, pugs are super agreeable and very devoted. We're on our second one - Frankie - and she's a sweetheart: stinky but well-behaved :-)

Vanessa said...

I have mini schnauzers and love them to pieces! Dogs are such wonderful creatures!

Anonymous said...

So cute! I LOVE pugs!

dr_clairebear said...

@honey: i think it's a male dog thing. our pug is agreeable but hopelessly hyper! he went through a chewing phase as a puppy which he occasionally lapses back into - as a matter of fact, my iPod was one of his victims.

@vanessa: mini-schauzers are cute, too, but i'm not sure i have the firm hand needed to control one! :)

@tina: pugs are a big dog in a little package. :) one thing i like about our pug is that he's not at all yippy. just a sweetheart.

siyerwin said...

Thanks for this, Doctora! :) If I may add further. There are a number of reasons why, depending on your case, adopting a shelter dog could be better, hassle-free option. I've posted about it at

Again Thanks, Doc! :

dr_clairebear said...

@siyerwin: actually, nalungkot ako sa mga kuwento ng mga dogs dun. sayang nga kasi full house kami ngayon sa doggies dito, okay sana magfoster.

i've been meaning to drop by the shelter sa katipunan, di lang ako matuloy-tuloy. one of these days! :)

pagpunta ko sa australia (kung matuloy), i'll probably adopt from a shelter din once i've settled in. my uncle's last dog (doon) was adopted also, and he was their best friend for over 12 years. a really sweet maltese cross terrier dog. the dog died na a few years back and my uncle hasn't replaced him since.

Ann said...

I love cats, dogs, hamsters and fishes. I'm just not fond of cleaning up after them.

I'd still like to own a labradoodle like this one someday. :)

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