Friday, May 02, 2008

Where to Next?

Me and Ate Fe at Davao International Airport, August '07

I've always had the heart of a kaladkarin (from the same Tagalog verb which means "to drag; to haul along"). I've never made a secret of the joy I get from going to new places and just drinking everything in, no matter the destination. Whether it's a trip to the glitzy and cosmopolitan or the rustic and back-to-basics, if I'm free, I'm in.

Summers have always triggered a serious attack of itchy feet; this, the longest summer I've ever had since I started kindergarten, is no exception. But now that I've indulged my inner lakwatsera (n. "wanderer"), she simply doesn't want to stop.

So does anyone know where I can take my itchy feet next?

Obviously, I'm trying to make up for lost time and throw myself into exploring the Philippines - a beach lover and traveler's paradise if there ever was one. I'm just beginning to discover just how much there is to see here and to appreciate just how beautiful this land of mine really is.

My friends marvel at how eager I am to plan the next trip... let's face it, even domestic travel costs quite a bit, and I'm not exactly earning anything right now. Neither do I have a good amount saved in the bank - and it's shrinking by the day.

But I've come to realize that there's a good chance that having this much time and freedom to wander and having money to spare to do it might never quite coincide. Once I start working and training again - which is really my long-term plan - I won't be able to indulge my wanderlust this way again for years. Maybe it's a crazy philosophy to live by, but it works for me right now. At this point in my life, when I'm in flux and trying to catch up on everything I missed, it makes perfect sense.

Now I'm scouting for a place to hold our next adventure - and I was hoping one of you could help me. We're targeting just a weekend get-away in May, so it can't be too far or too activity intensive. And of course it can't be too expensive - so travel by plane is out. Personally, I would prefer another quiet beach where I can lie around and just watch the world go by... hey, don't be judgy, it's summer after all!

So, if any of you know of a beautiful, as yet undiscovered destination not too far from Manila, easily accessible by public transport, and won't cost an arm and a leg to get there - please give me a heads up. You can leave me a comment or use my contact form to reach me by email. I've been looking at potential places in Bataan and Quezon, but I'd love to get more input from people who have been there or any other place worth visiting.

I can't wait for our next trip. So, does anybody else want to come along? :)


Woobie said...

La Union!!! Surfing!!! Alam na. :D

Or you can go to NY this summer and meet up with linc.

Nakakahalata na ba kayo? :D

dr_clairebear said...

me, surf? i have no sense of balance! :)

the last time i was in la union was back in high school. our family stayed at coco grove beach resort - is it still there? the water was so clean.

you are shamelessly matchmaking but i'm sure hindi niya ako type. :p i would love to see new york, though. someday! :)

i still owe you a guest blog. are you still up for it? :)

Anonymous said...

I have traveled to many parts of Luzon and would want to travel to the Visayas and Mindanao as well. I've never even been to Boracay! Unfortunately, I suffer from a phobia, local air travel phobia! I'm scared of local sea travel too. Must be because of all the accidents that happened while I was growing up. Add to this an almost non-existent Coast Guard and Navy. He he. Am I a sicko or what?

dr_clairebear said...

my dad also hates to fly - which is why as kids we were pretty much limited to luzon. such a waste, cause my mom used to work with an airline.

then again, there's actually so much to see in luzon alone! ang daming magagandang pwede puntahan na people don't know about... although the reason why they're such nice places to go is probably BECAUSE a lot of people don't know about them yet.

Abaniko said...

Have you been to Anawangin? I've never seen the place yet but I heard it's nice there.

Ness said...


makikiplug lang ako... Dumaguete City! Or nearby Siquijor Island or Sumilon Island. Kaya lang you need to take the plane or boat. Pero may sale sila, check out mo.

(i can relate to your feelings, kasi wanderlust din ako. dream ko talaga to go see lots of places everywhere anywhere)

And while you're here, you can submit your application to Dr. Julius Ligo, medical director ng Holy Child Hospital. Tatanggapin ka kaagad as resident (25,000.00 php/ month basic, minsan umaabot ng 35,000 with mga add-ons) kasi kulang ng residents ngayon. You can be honest and tell him your plan is just for a few months kasi it's not a training program naman. that is pending of course if you fall in love with the place or someone falls in love with you... ibang usapan na yan...:-)

Think about it...

dr_clairebear said...

@abanaiko: as a matter of fact, was just there last week. ang ganda, ganda dun - i wept for an SLR. but even with a point and shoot, you can get a good idea of how pretty it is over here. sorry, i'm an amateur! :) unfortunately ang dami, dami na ring tao. it's been discovered. you should try to go with your friends during the off-season

@ness - wow! thanks so much for asking for me! :))) ayan, i have fallback na if my plans don't work up. my friends and i have wanted to see dumaguete for the longest time - i also want to snorkel at Apo Island. kaya lang yun friend namin who lives there doesn't have plane fare. :) a weekend is not enough. i'll get there some day, though.

i'll know by the end of this month how things will go. basta ba june... who knows? if i'm not blogging from perth, i may be blogging from there na.

A Simple Life said...

i've been to most parts of luzon but i've never been to davao, next time sama mo ko huh ;)

happy sunday!

Panaderos said...

I wish I knew of a place to recommend. However, the reason why I'm posting is just to say that I'm very happy for you. I wish I got to do all the things you're currently doing. I'm jealous. Naks! Hahaha

Enjoy the trips and adventures, Claire. Stay safe too. I look forward to your posts about your coming trips. :)

sasha said...

I wish I can travel as much as you do. With budget constraints and all, I can go to nearby places lang. Anyway, wherever your next destination is, just keep safe :)

Alchemist said...

try mo Capones island sa zambales and Anawangin Cove in zambales also.

Alchemist said...

err..nevemind my post about anawangin,you've been there na pala..hehe

Chizmosa said...

GO to the beach.. maybe a white beach.. since it is summer ;0 Have fun!!!